The Duetâ„¢ is a tandem wheelchair bicycle that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design.  It consists of a specially designed wheelchair which attaches to a half of a bicycle which is unusable on its own. When attached to the cycle, the specially designed, orthopedically shaped fiberglass chair, tilts back slightly, lifting the small front guide wheels off the floor. This gives a relaxed, stable seating position and makes conversation between passenger and pedaler easier. The chair has good suspension and light handling, and its off road tires are excellent on gravel and dirt tracks. There are twin drum brakes on the chair’s wheel, and a back-pedal brake on the cycle wheel. The bikes can accommodate both a rider up to 275 pounds and a passenger up to 275 pounds and are battery assist, so that trained volunteers of all ages and athletic abilities can offer to pedal. 

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The DUET is designed to promote active  safety. The easy pneumatic‐assisted steering provides light handling while three braking systems ensure complete control at all times. The wheelchair’s low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability. The DUET has been safety tested and has passed US and Canadian government regulations. The bikes purchased by Nantucket Wheelers also include many additional safety features including:  a chest harness seat belt, head rests, arm rests, foot rests, thigh harnesses, calf straps, foot straps, and hand shield/wheel-spoke safety covers. 

These features enables patrons at all levels of functioning, especially individuals with severe disabilities, to ride in the wheelchair while the volunteer pedals and steers from the back. This provides older adults with an opportunity to enjoy extended mobility and a sense of freedom, an opportunity to be outdoors, to feel the wind and the sun, to socialize with others, and to bring back familiar childhood memories. The biking program combines the approaches of small group socialization, reminiscing, and exercise therapies without the required mobility or advanced cognitive skills thereby making this treatment available to a wide range of older adults. The DUET creates recreational opportunities that no other product can provide!



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An innovative wheelchair biking program designed to re-connect Nantucket's 4th Quartarians with the great outdoors and the community at large.